World Ocean Day Harbour Clean

World Ocean Day Harbour Clean

By Jessie McNaught

World Ocean Day Harbour Clean

This World Ocean Day we joined forces with a few of our local ocean allies - Ucluelet Aquarium, Surf Rider Pacific Rim, Hello Nature and Nerdy About Nature to host this years Harbour Clean on Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ territory.

We split into two teams with one group walking the shoreline between the Aquarium and 52 Steps, while the other made their way to Francis Island.

What was interesting was the different types of debri found in the different areas due to the locations and currents. At Francis Island we discovered a lot of fishing and aquaculture debri - barrels, styrofoam, broken industrial gear. While along the inlet shoreline we found more personal use debri - single use plastics, tires, glass bottles and rope.



Francis Island


Aquarium to 52 Steps


Once we collected the debri we emptied our buckets, splitting the contents into categories - metals, recyclables, single use plastic, styrofoam, rope and glass. From here we weighed each category and found that in just over an hour as a whole, we collected more than 200lbs of debri!

Ross from Nerdy About Nature closed out the night with Marine Trivia back at the Aquarium. Shout out to Ucluelet Brewing Co for supplying the trivia beers - thank you!



A big thank you to the volunteers and organizers that came out to our 3rd annual World Ocean Day Harbour Clean. Community is such a big value of The Den and we are so grateful that you showed up for this beautiful place we call home.

Below are some World Oceans Day direct action suggestions by Surfrider Pacific Rim to consider;

1. Attend the United Nations World Oceans Day 2023: The Tides are Changing virtual event (2:00pm-5:30pm PST).
2. Sign the Greenpeace petition for a Global Plastics Treaty.
3. Send a letter to your Member of Parliament and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change to support Motion-80 and ban polystyrene foam in floating structures in the aquatic environment.
4. The Ocean Needs More Friends - become a member of Surfrider Canada.
5. Consider supporting your local Pacific Rim Chapter and our variety of ocean friendly initiatives by donating or becoming a volunteer!

Learn more here.