Our First In House Collection of Skin Care and Bath Products

Our First In House Collection of Skin Care and Bath Products

By The Den .

Our First In House Collection of Skin Care and Bath Products

We are so excited to share with you our first collection of made-in-house skin care and bathing products. We have slowly been testing and formulating this curated collection for the past 6 months and are over moon excited to share it with you! 

We worked with Wait Studios to capture this collection [photo and video] and Rachel Dickens [model]. We are over the moon with how the branding and photography came together. Please enjoy first in house collection of sustainable made, small bath and plant based products.

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SEAWEED DETOX - Packed with easy to absorb minerals such as calcium potassium iodine and zinc and most importantly Iodine, bathing in seaweed has many benefits, some include; relieving irritated and inflamed skin, assisting with stress and anxiety, detoxing the skin and it is beneficial for soothing joint aches and pains. 

BODY OIL - Formulated with 8 plant oils rich in Vitamin C to brighten, moisturize and protect your skin against the elements and time. This is a fast absorbing daily moisturizer that can be used all over. Subtly scented with warm and uplifting essential oils of frankincense, myrrh and black pepper.

BUBBLE BATH - Made with all natural plant based ingredients, this ultra bubbly bubble bath will be a welcome addition to your bathing routine. Available 2 scents or unscented. Gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

DEAD SEA SALT BATH SOAK - A relaxing and soothing bathing ritual. Treat yourself and your skin to the theraupetic benefits of Dead Sea salts and pure essential oils. 

Choose between a calming blend of our floral infused bath soak or a more uplifting scent of our eucalyptus and seaweed bath soak.

OIL CLEANSING FACE WASH This antioxidant rich oil cleanser will leave your skin feeling luminous and fresh. Perfect for wiping away the day [and make up!] or a great way to wake up and start your day. These gentle cleansing will sweep impurities with our stripping your skin of your skin's natural microbiome. You'll notice that your skin will immediately feel matte, brighter and fresher!

BODY SCRUB - Exfoliate and scrub away dead skin cells with our epsom salt body scrubs. Salt scrubs are a great way to treat yourself and your skin to an exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing treatment.  Both salt scrubs feature a blend of essential oils, natural cleansing castor soap and nourish sweet almond oil.