Sustainable and Circular Accommodation Program


The purpose of The Den's Sustainable & Circular Accommodation Program is to create a simple way for guests to identify committed accommodations with sustainable practices. We encourage the use of ocean-friendly, refillable and biodegradable products in all our partner's accommodations.

Our goal with our Sustainable and Circular Accommodation Program is to make refilling more accessible for new or existing accommodations and to provide transparent and responsible systems for their guests. 

Our new tier-based program provides a clear and easy to follow roadmap to becoming a sustainable and circular accommodation. Each tier level is defined by your accommodations commitment to the program and commitment to sustainable circular systems. It is our intention that this program becomes recognized in the eyes of tourists who seek to travel mindfully, locally and globally! 

A circular economy designs out waste and pollution, regenerates natural systems and keeps products and materials in use, creating a closed loop system. At The Den we understand that resources are finite and must be managed sustainably for future generations. A refill program designs out waste from the start by eliminating single use plastics and other unnecessary single use items. We repurpose larger containers within the community and we regenerate water bodies by using natural plant ingredients in all our products.

S.C.A.P. provides the templates and guides necessary to support an easy transition from your current systems to a sustainable and circular system. 

As experts in zero waste, we have the tools to guide you on your exciting journey!


For more information and to sign up, please follow the link [here] or fill out the 'Get Started' tab on the right hand side of the page.

Looking to book a stay with one of our S.C.A.P. partners? Please visit our partner's page for a full list of sustainable accommodations through out B.C.