BNB Refill Program

What if there was a future for hospitality

that was driven from sustainability?


 Our beautiful and pristine region is the reason visitors come to vacation here. At The Den we offer biodegradable, ocean friendly and healthy cleaning solutions for you and your guests. We now offer bulk pricing, weekly deliveries and zero waste solutions for local businesses, vacation rentals and larger accommodation providers.

For more information or to get on the list for our BNB refill program please email: 




"The refillery program has been a huge success with our clients, their guests and our staff. The feedback from guests and property owners has been nothing but positive. The guests are receiving the added experience of the West Coast, having high quality products, that are all local, organic, and ocean friendly to use during their stay"

- Robyn Pook, co-founder Mint Cleaning

"We decided to go eco friendly with our inn and couldn’t be happier with the products at The Den. Between their knowledge of the product, the style and look and the fact that their refill system is easy to do makes this an amazing way to limit your plastics and use products that have a lesser footprint" 

- Nicole Little-Bray, SurfsInn Guesthouse & Rainforest Cabins