7 Eco-Friendly Tips for Plastic-Free July

7 Eco-Friendly Tips for Plastic-Free July

7 Eco-Friendly Tips for Plastic-Free July

By: Izzy Berno

Ready to start the Plastic Free July challenge with The Den Refillery? We’ve got a list of (oddly specific) eco-friendly tips and tricks that’ll lead you down the path of sustainable success! Select a few points that feel achievable — no one can tackle everything at once, but we can all begin somewhere!

  1. Refill your at soaps The Den: We offer refills on shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, body wash, body lotion, and all Mint Cleaning Company products. Use our glass bottles and containers or bring your own from home.

  1. Create a re-fill station at home: Don’t want to have to come back to the shop every time you run out of dish soap? Do you live far away from Tofino or Ucluelet? We sell all of our soaps in 4L jugs so that you can have a miniature Den Refillery in your own home! Hot tip: bring your clean used 4L jugs back to the Den and we will reuse them. Shop our refill stations here.

  1. Use your old tees as cleaning rags: We all know someone with a closet full of hole-ridden clothing that can’t be donated or repaired. Instead of throwing it all away, cut up some salvageable scraps and use them as rags or cloths. OR! Opt for our cotton cleaning cloths instead of microfibre towels.

  1. Shop for makeup and skincare that uses non-plastic packaging: Not only is it better for your skin (no leaching chemicals), but also for the planet. At The Den, we also have a refillable option for our entire skincare line! See our wide range of products here.

  1. Bring your containers when picking up takeout: Disposable takeout containers make up a considerable part of our waste and pose a severe threat to our environment and marine life. Skip the garbage can and either re-use old food containers, or invest in a reusable container! 

  1. Opt for wood cleaning and cooking utensils: Plastic spoons and brushes unfortunately flush our dishes and food full of microplastics. Make the switch today!

  1. Conserve water with rain barrels: Considering we have water restrictions every year here on Vancouver Island, having a rain barrel allows us to water our plants and gardens throughout the summer. Hot Tip: stop by your local refillery, as they may have left over barrels from past products!

Bonus: Visit your local eco-friendly refillery for more tips and tricks on how to make the switch to plastic-free! Whether you refill your essentials, repurpose old items, or opt for sustainable alternatives, join us in reducing plastic waste through Plastic Free July [and beyond]! ✨