Cleaning Vinegar 25% Refill

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Vinegar is an amazing all-purpose household, outdoor and boat cleaner. This vinegar is 25% acidity, which means it is very strong and is rarely sold to the public except as an organic garden weed killer or deep cleaner. 

Dilute 2 : 1 (2 Water: 1 Vinegar)
Dilute 5 : 1 ( 5 Water : 1 Vinegar) for a 5% grade.

Tip: Add in your dishwasher as a rinse-aid for sparkling shinny glassware. 

Please note, a $3.00 bottle deposit is included in the price of all online refill orders. This will be returned to you when the jars are returned (or alternatively you can keep the jars to continue to reuse at home).


** not for human consumption.