Introducing Two New Scents to the Den

Introducing Two New Scents to the Den

By Jessie McNaught

Introducing Two New Scents to the Den


Meet the newest addition to The Den's In-house line. A two-in-one hand and body wash available in two cleansing and refreshing scents. 

Formulated in house with plant based surfactants and scented with pure essential oils, our new wash will leave your skin feeling balanced and clean. 

At The Den we choose to scent our products with natural essential oils. Essential oils are derived from natural plant sources, making them pure and free from synthetic chemicals. This means you can enjoy their therapeutic benefits, like relaxation or stress relief, without exposing yourself to potentially harmful ingredients. With essential oils, you're not just smelling good; you're also treating yourself to the wonders of nature in a safe and eco-friendly way.



For a subtle hint of the rainforest with refreshing citrus to reset and cleanse, choose our Cedarwood, Sweet Orange and Bergamot scent.

Cedarwood has a woody aroma and brings a sense of calm and tranquility, making it perfect for relaxing and reducing stress. Inhaling Cedarwood oil helps relieve respiratory issues like coughs and congestion, making breathing easier. The gentle nature of Cedarwood makes it a great choice for everyone, including little ones.

Sweet Orange is like a burst of sunshine in a bottle. It can lift your spirits, energize your mind, and bring a sense of positivity to your day. If you're looking to improve your mood and embrace a more positive mindset, Sweet Orange is for you. It also packed with antioxidants helping to boost the immune system. Like Cedarwood it helps to calm nerves and reduce stress. 

Bergamot uplifts the spirit and reduces anxiety. It can help you too relax and let go of tension. This oil has a way of boosting your mood as well as having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties helping to purify and improve the skin and reduce blemishes.



For a relaxing trip to the spa with a woodsy undertone, choose our Eucalyptus and Palmarosa scent;

Eucalyptus' refreshing scent helps to open up airways and build your immune system. It's antimicrobial and antiviral properties help shield you from those pesky germs and give your body's defenses a boost. It is also incredible to help sooth sore muscles with its anti-inflammatory properties.

Palmarosa not only smells beautiful but is super hydrating and it's antiseptic properties work wonders for all skin types, giving you a healthy and radiant complexion. Palmarosa's gentle and calming aroma helps melt away tension.


We hope you love our new scents as much as we do, come by the store and smell them for yourself. And remember, every small step counts, and you're part of a larger community on this journey towards a more sustainable, mindful lifestyle. Together, we're making a difference, one drop of essential oil at a time!