At-Home Refill Stations

By The Den .

We recently just launched our new At-Home Refill Stations with the hopes of making zero waste living more accessible for everyone. We recognize that sometimes there can be major barriers with living a more sustainable life; cost, schedules, location, etc... 

Our At-Home Refill Stations are more economical, you can pre-order online and have them shipped right to your door. Refill less often with us, and more often at home!



How are they more economical?

Every 4L purchased is equal to 8 x 500ml bottle refills. Let's use All Purpose Cleaner as an example... Typically a 500ml bottle refill of All Purpose Cleaner [depending on the brand] is about $8.00 to refill in store. A 4L of All Purpose Cleaner is only $55.00 with our At-Refill Station jugs! That is about $10.00 less for the same amount of product. 

How to get started

Depending on your household needs, you can customize which 4L jugs you think you might need. We currently offer 4L At-Home Refill Jugs for the following products; Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Hand Soap, Dish Soap, Dishwasher Powder, All Purpose Cleaner, Glass/Window Cleaner, Laundry Soap, Bubble Bath, and Fabric Softener. 

Step 1 - Select your desired products for your new At-Home Refill Station

Step 2 - Decide whether or not you would like to add in a pump for your jug (this is an additional one time fee). If you have a funnel at home, that can work too, however the efficiency of the pump is well worth the added cost.

Step 3 - Decide if you also need any refill bottles. We sell these in 250ml or 500ml sizes in either glass or plastic. 

Step 4 - Decide on any labels you might want; either our complimentary round labels or our artist series labels.

Step 5 - Repeat steps 1 - 4 for all necessary products for your new At-Home Refill Station!


All orders over $150 receive complimentary shipping [within Canada]. Once your ordered is submitted you can expect your new At-Home Refill Station to be delivered to your door within 7 to 10 days [depending on your location in Canada].

Returning the 4L jugs

At The Den we like to reuse everything! We ask that you either find another way to repurpose your 4L jugs once they are finished or return them to us. We will gladly take them back to clean, sanitize and reuse again and again! You can either ship them back to us or deliver them in person on your next visit to Ucluelet. 



With the launch of our new At-Home Refill Stations we are hosting a giveaway worth over $800 is prizes for you and a friend. Each winner will win a refill station (4x 4L jugs of you choice) for their home, plus 4x 500ml bottles of you choosing!

See below on how to enter!

Contest runs from August 20th - August 30th!