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All performance, none of the waste. Simply put, they are solid bar form of traditional shampoo and conditioner, not unlike a bar of soap. All the ingredients that cleanse and benefit your hair and scalp, but with out the water (fill) and make them into concentrated bars! These solid-form cleansers and moisturizers, do everything a liquid shampoo and conditioner can do - cleanse, add volume and shine, protect, add moisture - but without the plastic packaging!

Available in 4 different options: Hydrate, Balance, Stimulate, or Fix.

How to Use:  Apply bar directly to wet hair and massage with hands until desired lather is achieved. Alternatively, lather bar in hands and apply to hair. Rinse thoroughly, repeat as necessary. 


Hydrator Shampoo Bar:  moisturizing // dry + curly hair

Balancer Shampoo Bar: smoothing // combination + frizzy hair

Stimulator Shampoo Bar: thickening // oily + fine hair

Fixer Shampoo Bar: repairing // damaged + weak hair