CB2 Tea (pack of 10) - Fleurs

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100% Organic herbs. 7MG Hemp CBD per tea bag. Non-pyschoactive.


PMS Tea: This wellness tea will help you modulate your hormones to support your cycle, treat PMS symptoms leading up to your moon time, relieve cramps and body pain and build blood after menstruation.

- Ingredients: nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, oat straw, tulsi (holy basil), alfalfa leaf, rosehips, vitex berry (chaste tree), full spectrum hemp

Heal Tea: This immunity boosting tea will help you to clear phlegm and open the lungs, prevent seasonal colds and flus, and ease anxiety and relieve aches and pains

- Ingredients: Lemon balm, echinacea root, astragalus root, ginger, rosehips, elderberries, linden, elderflowers, yarrow, st john's wort, lemon peel, white willow bark, goldenseal leaf, boneset, full spectrum hemp

Clean Tea: This detoxifying herbal blend is for you if you’ve been over-eating and feel bogged down, you work hard and party harder, you live in a big city and are exposed to regular pollution.

- Ingredients:  milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, golden flax seed, fennel seed, ginger root, cinnamon chips, orange peel, coriander seed, turkey rhubarb root, dill seed, senna leaf, rooibos, rose petals, hemp cbd

Doze Tea: This relaxing sleepy time tea will help you, have a deep, rejuvenating sleep, settle nerves and restlessness, and ease anxiety and relieve aches and pains

- Ingredients: Chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, lemongrass, oat straw, fennel seed, passion flower, st john's wort, calendula petals, corn flower, rose petals, hops, valerian root, hempcbd

Chill Tea: This soothing blend will calm anxiety and restlessness, relieve tension and stress, help lift depression. 

- Ingredients: Damiana leaf, lemon verbena, lavender flowers, cleavers herb, oat straw, calendula petals, peppermint, HEMPCBD