Women's Mohair Ankle Socks - Thermohair

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Once you slip your feet into these you're never going to take them off. The best socks you'll ever wear. Warm, long last and made to last.

The ankle socks are the shorter version of the regular socks with the ribbing fitting around your ankle. The large loops are made of 75% luxurious kid mohair and 25% nylon yarn. These are worn as bed socks or slippers, or worn in summer sandals. On those hot summer days, your feet won’t stick to your sandals and your feet won’t be cold when you spend time in air conditioned buildings.

Care: To care for your pair(s) of Thermohair Socks, it is recommended to machine wash them using a warm or cold setting for maximum 8 minute wash cycle, and right side out. Hang to dry.  If you have a front loading washer, please use the delicate cycle and place the socks in a washable laundry bag. Although, front loading washers are energy efficient, some of them can cause excess friction against other garments.