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if the word “health” had it’s own flavour, we daresay this may be it. a silky combo of potent powders of moringa, spirulina, nettle leaf, chlorella, kale, + kelp. 6 powerhouse greens to start your day with a proverbial (healthy) bang- keep all systems a go any day of the week.

lab notes | our fav kind of shot (all around, please!) first thing in the morning, shaken in equal parts filtered water + lemon juice. our par-tay days may be behind us in so many ways, but line up the green6 shots + we’ll take ‘em back! health is wealth, baby.

ingredients | (moringa leaf, spirulina, nettle leaf, chlorella, kale, kelp)*, love. *organic powder

  • nt. wt. 40g [1.4oz]

  • cautions + warnings | if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a health care practitioner prior to use. products are made in a facility that also handles wheat, grains, peanuts + tree nuts

disclaimer | the information found on this site is for educational purposes only. it is not meant to diagnose, prevent, or cure any disease or illness.