Black Rock Resort Refill Partnership

Black Rock Resort Refill Partnership

By diane rudge

Black Rock Resort Refill Partnership

We’re beyond excited to announce the big moves Black Rock Oceanfront Resort has been making as of late. They’ve been dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint, supporting our local community and small businesses, and have taken the major step forward by removing their mini amenity bottles from their rooms (and the landfill!). Because, fun fact; 84% of landfill waste is coming from commercial industry, and more than half of global travellers are determined to make sustainable travel choices.


This shift hits close to home for their General Manager, Adele, who knows first-hand the negative implications of using traditional, harsh cleaning products from the time she spent working in housekeeping. Having suffered from health issues as a result of working with these synthetic toxins, switching to natural and refillable cleaning products was a no-brainer for both Adele and her staff, not to mention a better solution for our planet. 


So when Black Rock approached us with their goals of improving the way they operate, we took no time before diving straight into the first phase: implementing the House Keeping's staff’s new cleaning products. We introduced them to a couple of new cleaning product lines, (MINT CLEANING & NATURA) and off they went. With that one change they were able to double down on the impact—not only are they no longer having toxic pollutants go down their drains into our oceans, but they are refilling the empty containers with manufacturers, so there is a truly zero-waste loop happening once the refill system was in place. 


In March, their in-room amenities are being transitioned over as well, making the switch to plant & mineral-based, natural & biodegradable products, which are all also refillable (of course). Did you know that only about 9% of recycled plastics get repurposed, while most end up in landfills or contaminating the oceans? Luckily the new line of personal care products by ONEKA are nontoxic, made in Canada, and crafted with organic and wild-harvested herbal extracts. The shampoo & conditioner, body wash & lotion, and hand soap all come in the appropriately coastal Cedar and Sage scent profile. And in addition to being refillable for in-room use, they are also available for purchase from the in-house 'Mini Den' located in Black Rock's Forage Gift Shop. So guests have easy access to bring home the low waste and sustainable amenities that they enjoyed during their stay.

Refill Process:


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In addition to the dreamy ONEKA personal care items, other key amenities like Mint Cleaning Dish Soap, Dishwasher Pods by Unscented Co., and 100% post-consumer recycled TP (made in Canada) will always on hand in the rooms and suites at Black Rock. With these changes they are setting an example for our local community and guests alike, while also diverting over 70,000 single use plastics each year. It doesn’t just benefit the environment or housekeeping staff or local businesses either, research shows that 70% of global travellers would be more likely to book an accommodation knowing it was eco-friendly, whether they were looking for a sustainable stay or not. Sounds like a win for all, if you ask us.