Tofino Soap Co soap cubes are handmade in small batches using local wild foraged ingredients. They come in a biodegradable packaging and make for a great thoughtful sustainable gift.

SURF:  Original fresh “beachy” blend of naturally remineralizing and detoxifying botanicals.

CALM: The Chamomile , Calendula and Lavender make this soap gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin.

WILDFLOWER: This soft floral bouquet smell honours the west coasts’ queen of the wildflowers ; Nootka Rose. Your skin will be left soft and nourished.

ILLUME: This cleansing bar has an exfoliating property to enhance the brightening effects on the skin and smells incredible with the hints of palo santo, sage and pumice.

The WOODS: Signature woodsy blend of purifying oils and botanicals reminiscent of a walk through the lush coastal rainforest. 

The WATERS: Cleansing bar is an exceptional blend of effective ingredients traditionally used for their detoxifying + revitalizing properties.